Saturday, May 20, 2017

our big update

Perverts Again Update

Our songs had been written for nearly a year when we finally recorded them as the 7-inch MY ACCIDENT on the label “Total Punk”. You can buy it at a show from us or here. If you are uncertain, Sorry State was nice about it here. Stamped on the cover is a group of Perverts attempting to gain domestic control over a pot-bellied mosquito. Do not be fooled, however, as the songs within the 7-inch have little, if nothing, to do with that image. More about the songs:

“My Accident” discusses a time in which a depressed doctor accidentally contaminates his patient with a popular virus.

“My Embarrassment” discusses a time in which a car wash goes horrifically wrong, and reveals that the car wash customer wears a secret one-piece undersuit. After being ridiculed for his bad clothes, the customer wreaks havoc upon the car wash boys.

Those who have listened to the song seem to like it. I tried a gimmick at a show where I printed off all the lyrics of “My Accident” on sheets of printer paper in Comic Sans and each time I would sing a line I would throw it in the audience. I wanted to make a big mess but people just cleaned it up every time I threw one. If there was ever a “My Embarrassment II”, it would be about that moment. I learned my lesson, and we have not played “My Accident” since!

We also played a big heroin benefit show, in which the money would be donated to an organization that provides first-aid to overdose victims. Heroin is a big epidemic in the Great Lakes area, so it was a good idea, but we only made a measly $600 after we were forced to change venues at short notice. As we were setting up to play, the sound guy made fools out of us! He told Kid Gone Crazy to “speak into the fuckin’ mic!” and he told Piss, who was smiling, “Is that fuckin’ funny?” Poor Piss! So I walked up to the sound guy to see what was the matter, and he said, “I don’t know what’s wrong, I’m just trying to do my job and you guys are making me seem like an asshole!” We talked and talked, and he just seemed very problematic. He was worried that his friends, who were planning to skip all the opening bands, would get here while we were still playing, even though they only wanted to watch the last band! Poor sound guy… I knew something was wrong! If we weren’t trying to raise money for a good cause, I woulda slapped him on the belly to make him feel better about his dilemma, but instead we just played a pissy and short set. I talked with him afterwards, and he was still acting bothered, even though his friends would still be able to see the last band at the designated time. He then told me I didn’t understand rock and roll, and to stick around to see how “fuckin’ professionals (Fuck You Pay Me) do it”. And he was right! After playing shows for 12 years, I finally learned about rock and roll by watching them set up.

(Photo by Aaron Rhodes)

Now, our big album! This fall, we will be releasing our second LP, FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT, on Total Punk! The album is already completed finished; we are just not sure what date it will be released. Our Yes-Yes and our KGC could very well be gone by the time it’s released (more info below), but we will establish a temporary band line-up so that we can continue to perform the songs live in support of the exciting new album. The songs, unlike our dirty previous album, are surprisingly clean, and you may even find them inspiring, but you will probably not. I am writing a novelization of the album to sell on our upcoming tour, and I’ll print more copies in time for the album’s release.

We were also supposed to have OUR BIG PARTY, our first LP (2015), repressed in Europe, along with FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHT, but the label told us “nevermind”. I wonder what we did wrong!

NON COMMERCIAL RECORDS is re-releasing OUR BIG PARTY with an alternate cover and back cover, which should be available this summer.

Locally, we are playing the HORRIBLE FEST pre-party with Real Regular, Brainwashed Youth, and Mourning A BLK Star at NOW THAT’S CLASS on Thursday 5/25, a random all-locals show with Cotton Ponys at Mahall’s on 6/1, and a show with SROS LORDS and DEAR DARKNESS on 6/3.

We are touring this July to cities that will take us through interesting parts of the country, except for a bunch of shows in Texas, which is only sometimes interesting. Here’s where we’ll be:

7/5 - Chicago
7/6 - Minneapolis
7/7 - Winnipeg
7/8 - Calgary
7/10 - Missoula
7/11 - SLC
7/13 - Phoenix
7/14 - El Paso
7/15 - Austin
7/16 - Denton
7/17 - TBD
7/18 - St. Louis
7/19 - TBD
7/20 - Greensboro, NC

Cruelster Update

(Photo by Aaron Rhodes)

Are you wondering what we’ve been up to in the past few months? Or has it been years? Life goes by really fast, if you’re living it fast. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been a band since late 2012, and that we have been playing the same songs live for almost five years now. You see, we have had a demo, an LP, and several 45s released since 2012, but…

Our big secret is that we’ve been sitting on a near-complete second LP for about six months. It is titled, it has a label lined up, and all tracks are completed. Why are we sitting on it? Well, the better question is, why is Yes-Yes sitting on it? The answer is simple. Yes-Yes is expiring. The young man is worn out, and his artificially advanced age is internally catching up with him. It is hard to explain without using hyper-scientific words that would only be misunderstood and perceived as condescending, so let me explain as simply as I can:

(Photo by Aaron Rhodes)

When Cruelster first began, Yes-Yes surprised audiences across the United States with his strange energy. At each show, he would expend about 3% of his limited lifetime energy. Here is the trouble: as Yes-Yes continued at this rate, over the course of hundreds (dozens?) of shows, he started to approach energy depletion, also known as equilibrium, in which he would become one with science. We do not want Yes-Yes to expire, so we made a big decision: at each show, Yes-Yes would expend a small amount of energy proportionate to the average number of shows we have left in our tenure as a band. Assuming Kid Gone Crazy (age 24) will die in a motorbike accident at age 26, and that we, currently ages 24-25, will be considered “old” by age 35, we will have an average of seven years left as an active band. Using complex maths, Yes-Yes had determined the perfect amount of energy to use at each live performance in order to prevent premature equilibrium. However, there is a flaw in his calculations, which none of us considered: recording music. Recording music takes a great deal of energy for Yes-Yes to do, but it is not the same type of energy as that of which he uses during live performances. Instead, this energy has unexplained qualities and an unexplained quantity, something akin to “dark matter”, and its usage as it pertains to his live-performance energy is entirely unknown. Therefore, we are treading carefully with the release of this album. Yes-Yes has about three more songs to vocalize, and then we will quickly mix and master the tracks, complete the album art, and release the music to the masses.

In addition to the Yes-Yes’ energy dilemma, a further reason for the album’s delay is the following change to Cruelster’s future: Yes-Yes is moving to South Korea for a year, and Kid Gone Crazy is moving to Australia. If you are wondering why Yes-Yes is moving to South Korea, then you have not been paying attention to the news. You see, South Korea is soon to fall victim to vast amounts of nuclear energy due to its curious neighbors to the north, and, if you have not already made this conclusion on your own, Yes-Yes feeds off of this nuclear energy. It is theorized that this energy will fuel his mysterious music-making drive, though there is no way to tell for sure until he embarks on the journey. Yes-Yes will depart on August 1, 2017, and return approximately 365 days later. If you want clues as to why KGC is going to the Outback, I highly recommend listening carefully to the lyrics in the upcoming Vanilla Poppers LP on Lumpy Records. The lead singer, Christina, outlines exactly why she believes KGC should come with her to her homeland.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

if you ever watch a cruelster live video this is the one to watch. very recent. good ending and a good cover for our boston fans.

Thursday, November 5, 2015


and it was not released by us!!! it was released, in full, by NON-COMMERCIAL RECORDS, the famous north american label that has famously released clasic cleveland records by INMATES, CIDER, H-100'S, DARVOCETS, and trillions more. we are doing a write up on this site because everyone involved in this label is in the band PERVERTS AGAIN (even though two of them didnt help pay for the nite school 7"....) and we worked tirelessly to produce an album with full songs that were diff from the quick blurts of riffs that cruelster songs have been in the past, though still very talented and genius none the less. it has a sound like you've never heard before... something like if EMINEM was the singer of CRUELSTER and all the songs were slowed down. please enjoy this giant press release from PAUL of NON-COMMERICAL RECORDS, as well as a kind and humorous (albiet misleadingly rapey) review by CHRISTINA PAP of AUSTRALIA's BLOW BLOOD RECORDS and VANILLA POPPERS:

"OK I swore to myself that I would never put another record out. Mainly because I have no free time and I suck at it. But I loved this recording so much, it deserved to be heard and they needed someone to get it to the masses! So trust me when I say this shit destroys. Not one of my usually aggressive, hardcore punk releases on this pathetic label. I guess you would call it punk, but is much more than that and much weirder. Super catchy Cleveland weirdo shit made by 4 friends in their early 20's. Only 300 made ever. Most likely my last release so buy 'dis shiite.


Check out this review !!

Wearing shades, sporting a dirty comb over and leaning back in the drivers seat of a rusted out jalopy. He sits across the road and shamelessly eyes off children laughing while playing ball during recess time. He’s a pervert again, but what happens in the day or goes through the mind of a man that looks at kiddies clothes like it’s girls gone wild on spring break? A solemn guitar opens, hitting one note with mindless repetition, the rest of the instruments soon introducing themselves and a dull voice that is not surprised anymore by any obscenities he sees or that happens to him. From the kids that brought you CRUELSTER, it’s the day in the life of a fucking loser - a pervert again and always.

Alone in a world of absurdity, the drums keep you walking in the same spot while a comically dark world moves around you, the guitars squeals and bass lines stomp around you creating bleak characters viewed through eyes beaten down living in Cleveland Ohio. Living in a bubble of selfish gluttony and isolation, refusing to integrate in the world but having no choice to live in it anyway. From warnings about the dangers of knifes, bullets and bombs to complaining about falling over and hurting your knee. They produce depraved punk tunes with a garage over-tune to groove to. Watching them perform live, they march to a steady beat of their own weird lives. You’re a pervert in life, doing things considered unacceptable and shameful, they just put all that dumb simple yet unacceptably perverted life jibberish that no one cares about into song form.

“Our Big Party” - Perverts Again invite you to listen to a new wave of punk coming from their lives residing by the mistake by the lake in Cleveland, Ohio. Out now on the degenerative “Non Commercial Records” that introduced you to cult punk gems like INMATES, CIDER, H100’s, The DARVOCETs and other dirty favourites.

Retail not inc. post: $12 plus shipping Wholesale (more than 5) not inc. post: $10 wholesale Contact: Email Paul for final price Paypal: ntc11213(at)gmail(dot)com"

as you can see MY MIND'S EYE, cleveland record store, now has copies. it will make its way to distros very soon....if you would like wholesale copies then contact

Monday, September 7, 2015

nite school. where to begin. well Firstly, i will say that i do not know if the band prefers the spelling NIGHT SCHOOL or NITE SCHOOL, and i also know that there are many other bands called night school, so for the sake of punk history text books, we will refer to them as NITE SCHOOL. we first heard of NITE SCHOOL when we went to record a smooth brain 7" at the 71st door (aka BLACK EYE...A big scary house on the east side that is no longer around but was cool when it was). kevin, drummer of smooth brain, (and also world famous member of NINE SHOCKS TERROR, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, and THE MORMONS) told us he and Steve (world famous member of NINE SHOCKS TERROR, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, HOMOSTUPIDS, FOLDED SHIRT, and THE MORMONS), were jamming some punk tunes with BRANDON from the nationally renowned punk group from bufalo BROWN SUGAR. PAUL MACCARONE (world famous recorder of all good cleveland bands of the past decade) would be the one to record it.

so yea, 3 men, get together to write punk songs but singer... so they recorded the songs and i heard through the grape vine that they wanted a BAD NOID to sing, they didnt give a fuck who they just really wanted a NOID ON VOCALS!!! their first pick was tom but he couldnt get a ride to the recording session?? so GEORGE who plays GUITAR for BAD NOIDS stepped up to the plate and recorded vocals for all the songs and then gave it to kevin and steve and said um hope you like it. i think they liked it because we made it a 7".

which leads me to my next point....we had heard these songs a lot but these guys never did anything with it so i think richard (of the legendary SAUCEPAN RECORDS) said well if no one is going to release this and you boys dont give a fuck if these recordings will live or die, god damn it i will find 3 or 4 other suckers to help me put it out!!!! so he asked us and then we were gonna do a split label release between TURBINE PISS, SAUCEPAN, and FERAL KID, but FERAL KID some how got lost in the mix because i dont think they have anything to do with this release. so BRANDON from BROWN SUGAR co-released it with us, and GEORGE the SINGER helped release it, and of course SAUCEPAN and then US. so we only got 100 presssed so its going to be very rare someday when some fat BLOG ADDICT with a homostupids tattoo decides its a CLASSIC.

so finally a forgotten recording from 2013 featuring all members from the best REGIONAL punk bands is released and you need it now mister. it is midtempo and it is bouncy and it is scary and it sounds like they are wearing leather jackets and spitting on you but really they are all wearing levi 511's and paying their bills on time. for fans of BROWN SUGAR, ADOLESCENTS, and RANCID.

if you are a idiot online distro please make this your description thanks:

"Red hot smegma punk featuring members of 9 SHOCKS TERROR, HOMOSTUPIDS, PLEASURE LEFTISTS, BROWN SUGAR, and BAD NOIDS.... Truly an ensemble for Winnie-The-Pooh's like you!"


to purchase please email

Saturday, August 1, 2015


Ladies and whisper whips! the PERVERTS AGAIN LP is happening. not too many details yet but it will be out in a few months on the world famous NONCOMMERCIAL RECORDS.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


welp its a big tour comin up we are doing midwest and big canada and scraping the coast. we will have our brand new 100% turbine piss 7" with us. come meet us, find out what we look like, why we are the way we are, and what we are going to be doing that nite. if you dont have a ipod, u should probably get one are the dates

make them wonder why

in the year 2015

8/7 - urbana, IL @ dingbat dungeon w/ urochromes

8/8 - minneapolis, MN @ the rathole w/ urochromes

8/9 - winnipeg, MB @ punk club 248

8/10 - calgary, AB @ tubby dog

8/11 - kamloops, BC @ zach's tea and coffee

8/12 - vancouver, BC @ 333

8/13 - seattle, WA @ my tunnel

8/14 - portland, OR @ tba

8/15 - los angeles, CA @ beserktown ii

8/16 - sacramento, CA @ the colony

8/17 - san francisco, CA @ honey hive

8/19 - salt lake city, UT @ broadway deli

8/21 - st.louis, MO @ foam coffee and beer

8/22 - pittsburgh, PA @ skull fest

Sunday, May 31, 2015

knew tape from know-so. known as piss from cruelster, and nathan from smooth brain... solo tape with kid gone crazy on drums. order now...very limited. spiraling nonsynth punk from the suburban sewer. first demo recorded on 4 track in march 2015, EP coming soon. give them revenge. give those people revenge and buy this tape